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How to Make Neat & Clean India - Swachchh Bharat

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Published:  28/12/14 6:31 AM by Harish Jharia -  Last updated on 28/12/14 6:31 AM Harish Jharia
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I would like to make Delhi a neat and clean metro city. Following are the action we need to take: 

  1. Remove Trash and garbage from City drains: The 1st action should be removing millions of tons of trash, garbage, silt stacked in the DRAINS of Delhi. As long as the drains are clogged drain water will not flow in them, because there is no, passage available in Drains. 
  2. Mechanised Hi-Tech Sweeping System required: Delhi is such a huge city that manual sweeping, broomming will not be adequate. Hi-tech sweeping, cleaning machines should be pressed in for sanitation services.
  3. Plaster kachcha sides of roads: Kachchaa portions at the sides of roads, kachchaa roads and barran openland are the sources of dust, dirt and smog. Sides of roads should be plastered or tiled. Kachchaa roads should be made pakka, tar roads.
  4. Trees and grass to be planted on open land: The entire open grounds, land should be covered with grass. Lawn grass should be planted and thoroughly maintained by horticulture department or contractors.
  5. Irresponcible, inactive Municipalities and RWAs to be replaced:  Municipalities and local bodies like RWAs should not be considered capable to keep Delhi clean. A separate sanitary department should be created.for cleaning, collecting trash, disposal of trash and monitoring day-to-day sanitation work and condition of drains.

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