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Clean Delhi Air

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Created:  21/11/14 8:11 AM by Ashim Puri     
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The pollution is rising Delhi air quality has really gone down BJP can start a campaign to clean Delhi Air by diverting the trucks which enter Delhi at night without there destination being Delhi by diverting them from delhi borders this small deed can alone improve Delhi Air quality plus the traffic situation will also improve at night .

To make this successful put a Entry Tax like 5000 for any truck entering Delhi when its destination is not Delhi trucks will automatically start using Delhi Bypass roads.

We should also have a scheme of rewarding sanitation workers who do not burn leaves or other garbage in there area.


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Delhi BJP said:
Yes, we need to strive for clean Delhi. We are working towards this and concerned team will look into this suggestion. Thanks.
26/11/14 4:33 AM
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