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Make whatsapp groups

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Created:  21/11/14 8:20 AM by Ashim Puri     
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For effective campaigning and propagating the ideas of BJP and  for making Delhi a world class pollution free WiFi  city we need BJP delhi state to make whatsapp groups and include all volunteers who are willing to contribute for election campaign physically or through social media even after elections these groups can help in generating ideas and implementing them so please initiate this as its an idea whose time has come.

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First of all I would like to tell u that pls stop to devide Hindu & Muslims. It's very crucial issue for BJP that is very harmfull.. so pls stop this...
05/01/15 6:44 PM
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People use wifi and get connection in social media make what’s apps group as it leads for the lovely use. The regular updating seen in many groups as information pass on from one to another. The use of best resume builders allows us for having perfect resume for need.

11/09/17 5:07 AM
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