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Screening Of Candidates for upcoming MCD elections. | Bharatiya Janata Party

Screening Of Candidates for upcoming MCD elections.

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Published:  26/02/17 7:10 PM by Gaurav Kumar -  Last updated on 26/02/17 7:10 PM Gaurav Kumar
Open for voting

Being a resident of Delhi it is my duty to exercise my power to vote and elect the best suitable candidate.

Since I have become aware enough to comment on the political scenarios of Delhi i have had this idea and now I'm mature enough to put forward it.

I support B.J.P and do have faith in its mission but what troubles me is few of B.J.P office bearers have been undermining the ethos of Camaraderie and collective efforts of karyakartas of the party who have been working day and night for the establishment of the party at grass-root level.

I do not question the work ethics but there have been troubling rumours about taking money and deciding on the party candidates undermining the internal surveys and voice of locality.

It was just 2 years ago when B.J.P lost ground inspite of winning all Lok Sabha seats and increase in vote share.

The core committee is working very well to screen the candidates for upcoming MCD elections which will prepare the base for 2020 Assembly elections and with a wave of anti-incumbancy working against the party the onus lies on the core committee to screen-in effective candidates who can win.

I am a supporter of the party which also makes me entitled to critically comment and enlist the short-comings which have been quite very persistent since last many years.

People have been resorting to all unscrupulous methods and have been playing the filthy money asserting game to vouch for themselves now this sort of allegiance is what the party needs then paid workers are well enough to perform their part in Dharnas and Sammelans. I speak with a heavy heart because if this is politics then only the cash hoarders will prevail and the common good shall doom.

Manoj Tiwari sir has been very vocal about the fact that this time around nothing will undermine the interests of karyakartas and candidates will be decided on merit. That's a very far-sighted vision but what could more spread the word of B.J.P's clean and un-partial selection would be a Personal Interview Of Top 4 selected Candidates from each ward.

Its a very tedious process but what's harm in starting it and leading by example.

This will not only instill confidence but will bring out the best of karyakartas because ethos of B.J.P enshrined by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee speaks about "Antyodaya".

The PI of selected candidates will also stop the likes of money-mongering people who are diluting the greater party interests for their personal interest.

Everyone is not a saint there are every kind of people that's why its diversity,If today a policy of checks and balances is drawn B.J.P can do wonders because its the common people like me who want to see India coloured in Saffron and developing.

I hope my letter is read i'm sure of this fact there might be numerous many letters posted daily hoping for a land-sliding victory of B.J.P in 5 states assembly elections and upcoming MCD elections.

yours faithfully,

Gaurav Kumar 

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