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Created:  16/11/14 6:43 AM by INDU GUSAIN     
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Sswatch Bharat Abhiyan is a valuable concept.  We can make India clean by our efforts.  If you educate the public, preferably party members, not to paste their slogans/posters in their area, it will definitely help to reduce the garbage & cleanliness will be improved alongwith presenting an example to the general public.

Indu Gusain

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Delhi BJP said:
Thanks for the suggestion. We will look into this.
26/11/14 3:56 AM
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Swatch Bharat Abhiyan will be a grand success & the party members will be called the real followers of Modiji in this movement only if they do not spread glitter by pasting posters & banners. We can resort to big hoardings, door to door campaign & Social networking. This will definitely improve our voter base in Delhi. It seems that every leader(not National) in Delhi is getting pasted posters to publicise the membership campaign which has already been floated by our Prime Minister & BJP National President. All the leaders & Party members may be requested to strict to not pasting of such posters & resort to other means for publicity.
27/11/14 6:25 AM
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