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CASH LESS SCHEMA PROGRAM | Bharatiya Janata Party


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Published:  13/12/16 9:15 AM by ASHISH AGGARWAL -  Last updated on 13/12/16 9:35 AM ASHISH AGGARWAL
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On Every Non-Working day organise a "CASH-LESS SCHEMA PROGRAM" for poor, small shopkeepers, rickshaws etc. in each society with contact to RWA of societies to aware about cashless payment.

Program Includes:

1. Aware about cashless payment through mobile,

2. Aware about the no. of mobile applications of govt,

3. Aware them not about payment but also about the no. of PM Yojnas.


1. On non-working day every person able to come,

2. If each person know about the cashless payment options then it will be very effective for society development,

3. This Program put effect on society and party also, that this party has took initial to provide knowledge.

May this Idea bring positivity in society, that party has think personally about these persons, and indirectly we can say this also works as campaign of party.

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