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Published: 13/02/16 6:11 AM by Delhi BJP


Delhi BJP issues Kejriwal Government’s Report Card & an Audio Campaign exposing its failures

New Delhi, 13th February.  Delhi BJP President Shri Satish Upadhyay, National Secretary & Pradesh Co-Incharge Shri Tarun Chugh, National Secretary Sardar R.P. Singh, Leader of the Opposition in Delhi AssemblyShri Vijender Gupta, General Secretary MP Shri Ramesh Bidhuri and Smt. Rekha Gupta today addressed a Press Conference exposing the failures of Kejriwal Government. Party’s State Office Bearers and Spokespersons were also present.

Delhi BJP has said that the last one year has proved to be a black year in the history of Delhi. People of Delhi fed up with the corrupt Congress regime of 15 years last year gave a new historic mandate seeking a change in polity but it turned out to be a year of betrayal. People of Delhi feel dejected as they analyse the performance of this Government. Raising a new constitutional crisis every day the Delhi Government has blocked the development and administration work.  BJP condemned the Delhi Government for creating an economic crisis in the Municipal Corporations with a malafide intent of politically defaming them which resulted in great hardship to the people of Delhi for almost two weeks.

Shri Upadhyay said that we have analysed the Kejriwal Government’s performance on the basis of our in house yet independent survey along with the reports of several TV channels surveys and today we present the Report Card of this Government. The party is also releasing a booklet with the title “Kejriwal Government Disappoints Delhi 70 Promises…70 Bluffs”.  

Shri Tarun Chugh and Sardar R.P. Singh released the Audio Campaign that the party has brought out to expose the failures and falsehood of Kejriwal Government. They both criticized the Government for failing the Sikh Community and spending lavishly on its political expansion at the cost of Delhi exchequer. Shri Vijender Guptapresented a report on how the Kejriwal Government’s habit of creating constitutional crisis and conflicts has brought the development and administrative work to a standstill. Shri Ramesh Bidhuri raised the issue of Kejriwal Government’s betrayal of unauthorised colonies, villages and jhuggi bastis while Smt. Rekha Guptapresented a report on Kejriwal Government’s backstabbing of women.

Presenting the first year Report Card of Delhi Government Shri Satish Upadhyay said our Mahila Morcha workers most fairly conducted a survey in the markets, weekly bazaars, jhuggi bastis etc. and contacted women and youth. The sentiments of the people reflected in these surveys are baffling. We correlated our in house independent survey reports with the several TV channels survey reports and we find they reflect the same sentiment. Fairly speaking three of the every five persons in Delhi today feel dejected with the performance of Kejriwal Government.

Shri Upadhyay said that as we analyze the Government’s performance on the basis of people’s feedback, theReport Card gives a Zero out of Ten to the Government. He said that amongst the promises which Delhi Government made to the people, Electricity at half the rates and free Water for all were the main. One year later, Delhi continues to get electricity at the same rates while the power discoms got a lot of subsidies.  Be it, unauthorised colonies, jhuggi clusters, group housing societies, villages or other colonies in the city nowhere the water is free. Only the Government can tell which section of the society is getting free water. People of lower, middle & upper income groups are equally agitated as they get heavy electricity & water bills.

Youth of Delhi too stands dejected with the Delhi Government as the promise of free Wi-Fi which Kejriwal party sold a lot continues to remain a dream. Opening of new schools or colleges remains a distant dream and even the classes in existing schools have failed the students due to lack of teaching staff. A party which came to powerselling a dream of 8 lakh jobs has not provided even 8 jobs to ordinary people even as it has hired an army of party volunteers in Government co-terminus jobs on fat salaries.

Shri Upadhyay said that Shri Arvind Kejriwal mastered the political Chess, hyping the words corruption, lokpaland swaraj. The commitment of Kejriwal Government to fight corruption stood exposed at very start when the truth of the false figures of action against corrupt used in campaign hoardings came out before the people. Theanti corruption crusader plank stood demolished with every new story of Kejriwal’s MLA or Minister’s corruption saga and his silence on it. People of Delhi are shocked to see how Kejriwal party has turned Lokpal intoJokpal. The way the Party which sang poems of Swaraj has gone all out to throttle the base of Swaraj theMunicipal Corporations killing the spirit of Swaraj. We feel sad to think how the inspiration of Swaraj Mahatma Gandhi must be feeling watching all this.

Shri Upadhyay has said that Delhi’s Dalit specially the Balmiki Samaj is feeling worst extorted at the end of this one year as they had reposed maximum faith in Kejriwal. Thousands of dalits & balmikis work day in and day out to keep the city clean & going. Before the elections, Kejriwal party promise to regularise all temporary fourth class employees specially the Safai Karamcharis but once in power Kejriwal Government started exploiting and harassing them. The climax of frustration for them came on 4thFebruary, 2016 when Kejriwal Government ordered the Municipal Corporations to immediately start retrenching of their temporary employees. Adhoc teachers and DTC staff continued their agitation all the year.

Health services in Delhi are on a verge of collapse. Be it, Government Hospitals or Health Centres everywhere there is mayhem. A Government sold a dream of Aam Aadmi Poly Clinics but in one year just one poly clinic has seen the light even as most existing health centres have shut down. Be it the Minorities or Women all now understand the farceness of this Government and are dejected.

Pradesh Co-Incharge Shri Tarun Chugh said that people of Delhi elected the Kejriwal Government with great hopes but this Government had totally failed them. The dejection of the people rises further as they see that Shri Kejriwal holds no responsibility or ministry in this Government yet spends hundreds of crores of public money on his self publicity and political expansion into other states. He said that Delhi BJP will continue to expose the failures and corruption of Kejriwal Governments, its Ministers & MLAs. We will take their complaints before the Lokpal, the competent courts and above all the court of the people and get them punished.

The leader of Opposition Shri Vijender Gupta said to underscore the myriad constitutional violations made by the AAP government in their one-year in office with a malicious political intent to create a situation of confrontation with various arms of the Central government. Their tenure began with the Chief Minister conveying to the Lt. Governor that barring the three subjects i.e. ‘Public Order’, ‘Police’ and ‘Land’ [Reserved Subjects], all other subjects had been transferred to the Legislature of NCT of Delhi and therefore the executive powers over all subjects, other than the above three, rests with the Councils of Ministers. He directed his officers not to send the files relating to all subjects other than the “transferred subjects” to the office of the Lt. Governor. Even in cases of Reserved Subjects, all files would go through Chief Minister to Lt. Governor. It was only after the opinion from the Attorney General of India, it was conveyed to the Delhi government that doing so would be amount to breach of constitutional mandate.

Sh. Gupta said that the persistent attempts of the AAP Government to continuously and deliberately allude itself to the ‘State Government’ and functioning as ‘de facto’ if not ‘de jure’ ‘State’, is adversely undermining the authority of the Union Government over a Union Territory and in public perception also. The repeated flouting of instructions of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India by the AAP government is steadily eroding the confidence and morale of the officers who are working for the Delhi government and are finding it increasingly difficult to function as per the laid down rules and procedures. He said that the condition of administration of Delhi has become perilous and is treading towards a complete breakdown of the Constitutional machinery and the rule of law. Elucidating further, he said that 13 bills were introduced and passed in the Legislative Assembly in the second session having repugnancy’s or being money bills for which prior approval of the Central Government was mandated but never taken. On many occasions, the Chief Minister of Delhi has used unparliamentarily and foul language against the Hon’ble Prime Minister. He has also made several attempts to initiate a malicious campaign against the senior ministers in the Central government to mask their own failures. The aim of the Chief Minister appears to sully the image of the Hon’ble Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues.

The pursuit of the AAP government to fan hostilities extends to the bureaucracy as well. Numerous incidents of humiliating Senior IAS officers by the state government for upholding the provisions of the Constitution and the extant laws have come to light. Recently, the AAP government placed 2 senior DANICS officers, Sh. Yashpal Garg and Sh. Subhash Chander under suspension for not implementing the illegal directions of AAP government minister (Home). Sh. Dharam Pal, Principal Secretary (Home) was suo-moto relieved from GNCTD for issuing orders of posting of Sh. Mukesh Kumar Meena as Joint CP (Anti Corruption Branch) with the direction to report to Ministry of Home Affairs. Posting of officers as Principal Secretary (Home) falls within the domain of the Union Home Ministry and the AAP government had no jurisdiction over the same. In blatant violation of the norms, Sh. Rajendra Kumar, Principal Secretary to Chief Minister was assigned the charge of Principal Secretary (Home) without the approval of the Lt. Governor. The Ministry of Home Affairs upheld the order of Sh. Dharam Pal as Principal Secretary and issued direction to Sh. Rajendra Kumar to handover the charge of Home Department, who refused to do so. As a result there were two Home Secretaries simultaneously holding the same charge, which created confusion in the disposal of the departmental work.

Adding to the list of violations, Shri Gupta mentioned that though ‘Land’ is a ‘Reserved Subject’ under the domain of the Central Government, the AAP government issued a notification revising the minimum rates of agricultural land for the purpose of charging of Stamp duty without even seeking the approval of the LG. After the notification was issued, the office of the Lt. Governor conveyed that the entire matter is under examination on the legal and constitutional aspects and till a final decision is conveyed no further action should be taken in pursuance of the above notification. However the State government disregarded these instructions.

Sh. Vijender Gupta said that the AAP government has failed to work in tandem with the Central government for the benefit of the people of Delhi. In fact, it has always looked for ways to create an atmosphere of direct animosity with the Union government for narrow political gains. Elucidating his point, he mentioned that the AAP government constituted 2 Commissions of Inquiry under the Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952. Delhi being an ‘Union Territory’, under the Commissions of Inquiry Act, 1952, only the Central government or its delegates is competent to constitute such Commission. Therefore, the constitution of the 2 Commissions was declared illegal by the Ministry of Home Affairs, yet the Delhi government allowed them to continue to function.

The AAP government has issued more than 50 notifications ‘by order and in the name of the National Capital Territory of Delhi, without seeking the mandatory approval of the competent authority i.e. the Lt. Governor, as prescribed in extant rules. As the AAP government continues to violate procedures set by law, governance in Delhi finds itself in a lurch.

National Secretary Sardar R.P. Singh said that the Sikh Community of Delhi voted almost enmass for Kejriwal party but in this one year they have got only phantasm. Kejriwal first delayed for 10 months the payment of additional compensation to the 1984 carnage victims and then has not been co-operating with the SIT constituted by the Centre Government apparently to help out his Congress friends. The trust of the Sikh Community on Kejriwal fell flat on the day when it was reported that a most confidential file on 1984 going missing from the Delhi Secretariat. Sikhs believe that it was a planned conspiracy and they now want that the file be put before Sikh high priests and senior community leaders. Sardar R.P. Singh said that Kejriwal can stoop to any low for political mileage and the same stands out after the story of Kejriwal Party using the pictures of Shri Jarnail Singh Bhindrawal in its posters on his death anniversary.  After the controversy broke out, AAP denied bringing out the posters but even then did not file a police complaint. Kejriwal Party’s silence on Khalistan issue is as notorious as its silence on the matter of Kashmir Separatists.

Pradesh General Secretary Shri Ramesh Bidhuri said that though Kejriwal Government have deceived all of Delhi but the people of Jhuggi Clusters, Unauthorised Colonies and Villages are worst dejected. The party which came to power propagating “Jahan Jhuggi, Wahin Makaan” is not even ready to provide basic sanitation and clean water to the Jhuggi Bastis. In one year Kejriwal Government has not done anything in the direction of giving piped water or sanitation to Jhuggi Clusters. Not even one Jhuggi Basti has been adopted as a model case to give the dwellers proper houses.

Shri Bidhuri said that when Kejriwal Government came to power it promised regularisation of unauthorised colonies and opening of registries but one year later not a single colony have been regularised nor a house registry issued. Not a single colony has been provided basic amenities nor a single penny has been given to Municipal Corporations to provide lay out plans of the unauthorised colonies to start their regularisation work. Similarly, this Government has deceived the villagers and farmers too. Last year after the crop failure Government announced compensation but 8 months later farmers have got nothing. After distributing a few initial cheques for publicity, the Government then left the farmers on the mercy of patwaris. In the matter ofvillage land pooling too, the Kejriwal Government has belied the expectations of the farmers by keeping the matter hanging. Delhi Government is spreading a false campaign that Centre is not allowing while the Centre has nothing to do with it.  Kejriwal Government has to plan it but it is busy in its own political games and has no concern for the life of the farmers.

Pradesh General Secretary Smt. Rekha Gupta said that the Kejriwal Government has not only dejected but ignored the women and their rights. Not only has no place been given to women in government &administration but even the Delhi Commission for Women & Women Helpline has been made toothless political battle grounds. Women employees at DCW have been replaced with male volunteers of the ruling party which has made it extremely unsafe and uncomfortable for the women coming to seek help at DCW. A party which sold the dream of installing lakhs of CCTV for ensuring women security has not even adopted a single colony as amodel project. Bus Marshals remain evasive and has done nothing to develop a credible auto or cab service for women. Even today we can find women pleading on roads before auto rickshaw drivers to take them to their destinations but then what can we expect from a Government which is a protection house to the anti women leader like Somnath Bharti.


                                                                                                                        (Praveen Shankar Kapoor)

                                                                                                                            Media Incharge



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This website have almost every latest news related to Bjp Delhi. As we know that this party govern the India. But in Delhi this party is not in government but in opposition. So, we can say this website is the finest source to update the latest activities of the politics of BJP.

29/06/17 1:03 PM
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It's great news that BJP issue notice about this I'm not from India but I saw many problems in India Delhi government should be approve it

01/08/17 6:36 AM
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Angela John
Angela John said:

The rehashed spurning of guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India by the AAP government is relentlessly disintegrating the certainty and confidence of the officers who are working for the Delhi government and are discovering it progressively hard to work according to the set down guidelines and strategies. He said that the state of organization of Delhi has turned out to be hazardous and is treading towards an entire breakdown of the Constitutional hardware and the rule of law.

09/08/17 1:05 PM
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The BJP's origins lie in the Bharatiya Jana Sangh, shaped in 1951 by Syama Prasad Mookerjee. After the State of Emergency in 1977, the Jana Sangh converged with a few different gatherings to shape the Janata Party; it defeated the occupant Congress party in the 1977 general race.

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